Ledgendary Elvstrom Sails ServicePoint Loft


We are proud to be the Elvstrom Sails ServicePoint for Puerto Rico.


For over 60 years Elvstrom has developed a unique sail making expertise driven by the experience of our high performing sailors and sail designers, and our legendary founder, Paul Elvstrøm.


Today, we take pride in using our know-how for your quality cruising and racing. To Elvstrøm Sails every sail is unique, tailor-made for you. At Elvstrøm Sails, we recognise that every moment counts. Whether you are cruising and savouring precious moments afloat, or weekend racing where every second counts towards achieving your moment of glory.


You can rest assured that we have an eye for every sail making detail. Leaving you to enjoy your cruise, or focus on your race, with total confidence.


Puerto Rico

   Repair Shop Location

   PR 978 KM 0.8

   Ceiba, Puerto Rico


   +1 787 655 4136


Puerto Rico

    Palmas del Mar

    The Yacht Club Marina

    370 Harbour Drive

    Humacao, Puerto Rico 


   +1 787 494 2117


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