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My yacht took the full brunt of Hurricane Maria. She was taking water, sinking, and I was in a full panic. No electricity, no phones, absolutely nothing working on the island of Puerto Rico. Someone told me the directions to drive to get to a place called Trinity Nautical. I showed up, they loaded up lift bags, water bags and generators and went with me back to my yacht. The only reason I am sailing my lady again in the Caribbean is because of Trinity Nautical. I am forever in their debt.


Felix - S/Y Sugar Foot



"Hurricane Irma came through and decimated my boat. Trinity came out, gave me a bid to repair, and I also obtained two bids from 2 other major contractors. The next day the Coast Guard showed up at the marina, demanding repairs be done ASAP, and what was my plan to do so. The next day, the other contractors tripled their bid. I called Trinity and they stayed with exact bid previously given to me. IWhen I'm in the Caribbean, Trinity Nautical is doing my boat work!"


Roberto- S/Y Blue Moon



Thanks again for the the help and work on my yacht.  It was done professional, efficiënt and pleasurable and at  very reasonable  cost. We will recommand you to everyone!!


Best regards, Marianne & Peter - S/y Windsurf



I want to recommend Trinity Nautical to anyone who needs work done on their vessel. My husband and I purchased our yacht in Florida with a survey that detailed a fully in order yacht. We decided on a date to begin our dream retirement with a cruise through the Caribbean. Everything started to go wrong, engines, wiring and it seemed all related. We pulled into Sunbay marina and asked who could help us and were told to try Trinity.  They came down to the boat that night, worked to get us power and spent the weekend repairing. Our power now works perfectly, our engines no longer overheat and our dream voyage was salvaged. 


Sandy S/V Our Time



I would like to tell anyone in the Puerto Rico area to use Trinity Nautical for their service. I lost a sending unit on my motor while cruising south of Puerto Rico. I got close enough to call to the island for whom  I could get the parts I needed. What made it worse, it was a holiday on Puerto Rico.  Nobody supposedly had the part or would answer the phone. Another vessel told me to call Trinity. The next day that part was delivered, installed and I was back on my way. What impressed me more was the price I paid for the part was less than all the others that I called who didn’t even have what I needed and was told it would take a few weeks to get it in. 


George S/V The Office



I want to thank Trinity Nautical for its work. I Captain a vessel for charter through the Caribbean. The individual in charge of maintenance came to me with news that our battery bank was dead and would not hold charge. I had guests as well as an itinerary to meet. I called ahead, Trinity had the bank sitting on the dock, we exchanged and then went about our cruise. The guests never knew the stop was unintended and we met our schedule. 


Del M/Y Mystical



Trinity saved our budget and our vacation cruise. Our air conditioner was kicking off with a code that it had too high of head pressure making a sweltering heat inside the cabin. We did everything and  then began calling different businesses who all wanted to sell me a new unit. Trinity came down, looked at the unit, ran a test and told us that they wanted to flush out our A/C before doing anything else. The unit then worked perfectly with what they did, saved me a pile of money and cold air was now flowing in our cabin. I would go back to Trinity for any of my needs first.


Tina S/V Lady Phoenix


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